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Model "Old Style" Professional Quality Flywheel Slicing Machine

The model "Old Style" slicing machine proposed for sale is not antique, but is new, is quality and professional slicer and Made in Italy.

The name is "Old Style" and is manufactured to bring the flavorsof the old times in the Liberty-Art Nouveau style. Employing similar materials as in the past, cast iron (weight 154 lbs, not aluminium...) crome-plated components, kiln varnishing, (the colors can be custom made) and final decorations.  

The machine has smaller dimensions, is manuallyoperated, and features a flower patterned flywheel in the Liberty style and incorporated blade sharpener.  

The machine is CE norms, and is equipped with blade protecting ring. Blade size: 300 mm .    



Overall dimensions included protruding parts: flywheel, grip, lateral plate, lateral wheels for regulations etc.etc. approx.cm.75x47x58. Weight Kg.70

Length  29.5

Width 18.5

Height (withoutoptional pedestal) 22.8  

Weight 154 lbs ( 70 Kg.) !


Optional:Cast Iron Pedestal height:77 cm ( 30) Weight 154 lbs.

Price: Euro: 950.00 (to be added to the priceof the slicer if you need)

Packaging: In wooden case

Shipment: Worldwide in wooden case

The manufacturers, apart from patented and production the Old Style, is an artisan company specialized in the restorationof antique slicing machines. Available professionally restored Berkel models are Indiana, Model 3, Model 5 , Model 7, Model 8, Model 9 and pedestal.

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new meat slicer "Old Style"

Italien Schinkenschneidemaschine

Italien Schinkenschneidemaschine/Schwungradmaschine

Italien Schinkenschneidemaschine/Schwungradmaschine

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