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Berkel meat slicer antique mod. 5 (1922-1928)

This Berkel Slicing Machines features cartís shiftingon hinges with manual flywheel. The model is equipped with an ďextended bracketĒ fixedon two columns.

The slicer comprises the cap sharpener located in the upper side adjacent to the blade measuring 370 mm .

Model 5 was produced by Berkel during the twenties, and precisely from 1922 to 1928.


The proposed model Berkel Slicing Machines has been professionally restored restored with complete disassembling, sanding (very important for the quality and durationof the finishing) and subsequent polishing and chromium-plating, and replacingof wornout parts and mechanisms such as foot, blade, and hamís support plate which would have compromised the proper functioningof the machine. Existing partís movements and tolerances have been adjusted. Final kiln varnishing and decoration with repositioningof new labels. ( The final varnishing can be made in accordance to customerís request. Recently, upon specific customerís request, some models have been restored in black, greenor cream color)


Dimensions: Case foot to foot cm.27x33

Overall dimensions included protruding parts: flywheel, grip, lateral plate, lateral wheels for regulations etc.etc. Weight Kg.70


Optional: Cast Iron pedestal.

Two Options:

A) Cast iron pedestal simple.

B) Cast iron pedestaloriginal and signed Berkel.

The two differents pedestal have the same weight ( Kg.70) and height ( cm.77)


Packaging: In wooden case


Shipment: : Worldwide in wooden case.


Shipping Worldwide 

We are an artisan company specialized in the restorationof antique slicers, and producingone new model, with an antique flywheel flavour, smaller dimensions, and economical price.

This model can be viewed at this link (click here)


antique Berkel  meat slicer model 5 (1922-1928)

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