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Berkel Indiana Story

The short history of the Berkel U.S. La Porte Indiana


In the late 1890s, a men by the nameof Van Berkel from the Netherlands invented theoriginal circular rotating knife slicing machine.


Nearly a century later, the company started by Berkel produces more than just that sole rotating knife. Berkel Inc. produced food processing equipment for food retail and food service industries, slicing machine, scales, saws, choppers, mixer, bread slicers and grinders.


It is also now a worldwideorganization, with the parent company in Netherlands. The business come form the Netherlands from U.S. in the early 1900s. It started in Chicago andoperation in La Porte commenced in 1915.

Over the last 73 years Berkel expanded from a small, slicer-onlyoperation to a nationwide sales service companyoffering a complete lineof food processing.

The company wentoutof business in La Porte in 2002.


Special thanks to La Porte County Historical Society Museum that help me to published this article and the first photo about Berkel company.


The Berkel company La Porte Indiana U.S.


Berkel Indiana La Porte

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