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Berkel slicer Indiana (Model B)


The name La Porte was given by the first French explorers around the mid 1600, and precisely in 1670. They so named this place because it was a “door” to vast territories and forests at the time unknown and unexplored.  

The name Indiana was chosen by the federal congress as to indicate a place where Indian populations lived. The stateof Indiana wasofficially annexed to the United States in 1876.

The model "Indiana",or commonly referred to as "Indianina" was manufactured in the American plantof La Porte during the beginningof the last century around the 1920s.


The name,or rather the nickname given to this slicer was because it was manufactured in the stateof Indiana 

Berkel story La Porte , even iforiginally this model was named Model B.

During the productionof Model B small variations were applied from theoriginal design, and it remained into production for a decade, from 1918 to 1928.


The particularity that makes this slicer unique and much appreciated by the antiques market, apart from being a rarity, is that it features smaller dimensions, making it easily adaptable anywhere. The smallest slicer produced by Berkel in the 1900.It is slim and well proportioned, fitted with a 263 mm blade.


The identification plates and decorations are in pure Art Nouveau style, making this splendid model history, notonly among vintage slicers, butof the industrial and aesthetic revolutionof the 1900.     

Berkel Indiana La Porte

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