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Berkel meat old slicer

The mythical Berkel slicing machine was invented by a gentleman from Netherlands, Wilhelm Von Berkel, butcher in Rotterdam in the 1800.

He had the brilliant idea to arrange a great circular blade to a large flies set operated manually, after this first prototype, several others followed and in 1888 the first factory was founded in a former printing office.

The success was immediate and from the production of a few hundreds machines by the end of the 800, the factory began the new century opening branches throughout Europe.

The classification and the models of the old Berkel slicing machines followed a trend by the start to the XX century as the Lambretta motorbike did. The first models serial number was composed by alphabetical letters and later serial numbers by alphanumeric: Model B Model C Model D Model L Model R Models produced before the first world war are characterized by the base worked in the typical Art-Nouveau style.

Subsequently, Model 3 Model 5 Model 7 Model 8 Model 9 Model 12 and Indiana Model, the last produced for the U.S.A market which was produced in the twenties and thirties in a new factory in the state of Indiana.

The Berkel does not only produce slicing machines but also by end of the twenties also classic and platform scales. During the first world war Berkel factories also produced motors for Dutch army.

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antique berkel meat slicer